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IMG_Nurse001Established in 1982, the Oregon Nurses Foundation is a tax-exempt, charitable 501(c)(3) organization. The Foundation seeks to advance the profession of nursing in Oregon by raising funds to support our three key areas of focus. As part of the Foundation’s ongoing efforts to advance the profession of nursing in Oregon, our Board and staff have re-evaluated the Foundation’s programs and have crafted a new direction which we believe will help us transform the profession of nursing in the coming years. This overview document lays out our plans for the Oregon Nurses Foundation’s new direction.

Our Three Priorities

1) SCHOLARSHIPS: to help address the looming nursing shortage in Oregon, and to ensure that diverse individuals from all walks of life can afford to enter the profession of nursing (or persue advanced degrees in nursing practice), ONF will develop a wider range of scholarships to help offset the costs of nursing study.

2) WORKFORCE ASSISTANCE: with the American health care system experiencing seismic changes (seemingly every day!), Oregon’s nursing workforce needs access to up-to-the-minute information, training and education to develop new skills and respond to new demands. Among the many programs ONF will fund are Coordinated Care Management, transition training for nurses leaving the hospital setting for other practice locations, and more.

3) RETENTION PROGRAMS: nurses face many personal and professional challenges and ONF is committed to providing programs to help nurses already in the profession deal with those challenges and remain in nursing. Among the programs that ONF will fund are the WorkHealthy Oregon program, the Professional Recovery Network and NAN (Nurse Assistance Network) all of which provide nurses with the support they need to stay in the profession.