ONF Education Resources

Nurse EducationThe Oregon Nurses Foundation is dedicated to helping nurses at all stages of their career to practice at the top of their abilities through continuing education and development.

Below you will find a list of available educational opportunities available through the Oregon Nurses Foundation for supervisors/management/administrators, staff nurses and students.

Supervisors, Management, & Administration

Nurse Supervisor Education for Behavioral Health Monitoring (2.5 hour online course)

Summary: Developed by Oregon Center for Applied Science, Inc. (ORCAS) in collaboration with the Oregon Nurses Foundation (ONF), this course is a powerful and effective skill-focused training specifically designed for nurse supervisors who monitor nurses enrolled in an alternative program. This program will help nurse supervisors gain skills and confidence to: supervise employees with work-related drug and alcohol problems, enforce policies to protect patent safety, and correct performance issues early. ONF has entered into an agreement with ORCAS to offer this online course for FREE to Oregon RNs and other worksite monitoring stakeholders..

Click here for a step-by-step guide to access the training program.

Fit to Perform Safely (4.0 hour classroom course)

Summary: ONF offers a free 4-hour evidence-based classroom supervisor education. This education was the basis for the online education. Published in a peer-reviewed nursing journal, we observed statistically significant changes in knowledge, the usefulness of the education, self-efficacy, and substance use stigma. These results suggest the education positively affects nurse supervisor knowledge about substance use disorders and their confidence to supervise nurses enrolled in a monitoring program. Moreover, the education reduces substance abuse stigma, which may result in a more supportive workplace environment for those in recovery.

For more information about how you can schedule an education event at your facility, please contact ONF.

Staff Nurses

Act Now! To Protect Patients & Assist Colleagues (1 or 2 hour classroom course)

Summary: ONF offers a unit-based education for staff nurses focused on building staff nurse skill and confidence to intervene when there is a concern about a colleague’s performance. The course is customized for the particular unit through a collaborative process with key facility personnel.

For more information about how you can schedule an education event at your facility, please contact ONF.

Student Nurses

Addressing Nurse Impairment Seminar (2 hour classroom course)

Summary: ONF offers a 2-hour education and skill-building seminar for student nurses focused on intervening when a colleague’s performance causes a concern because it does not meet the clinical standard. A systematic approach was used to develop the content including: a literature review, faculty and student focus groups, and a pilot intervention. A subsequent evaluation of the seminar using a quasi-experimental pre-post-test design found that the seminar significantly affected knowledge and self-efficacy to intervene of the experimental group when compared with the control group.

For more information about the seminar and how you can schedule a seminar at your school of nursing, please contact ONF.

Expanding Peer Communication Skill Capacity for Student Nurses: Increasing Motivation to Speak Up (Combined online and classroom course)

Summary: ONF was awarded a State Innovation Grant by Oregon’s Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH) to develop a blends online learning with classroom practice and discussion. The adaptation of the original seminar will involve converting the 1-hour didactic part of the seminar into an online asynchronous (self-directed and self-paced) scenario-based eLearning module and then the student will attend a one-hour classroom session where students can ask questions about the content then break into small groups and apply/practice the new skills while receiving immediate feedback and coaching from trained nurse faculty. The project will be piloted and evaluated in the spring of 2015 and anticipated to be available to all interested nurse education programs in fall 2015.

Please contact ONF for more information about this project.