Staff Nurse and Worksite Monitor Education

Act Now! To Protect Patients & Assist Colleagues
(1 or 2 hour classroom course)

Summary: ONF offers a unit-based education for staff nurses focused on building staff nurse skill and confidence to intervene when there is a concern about a colleague’s performance. The course is customized for the particular unit through a collaborative process with key facility personnel.

  • For more information about how you can schedule an education event at your facility, please contact ONF.

Speak Up for Safety – Staff Nurse Course

Summary: Substance use disorders are a serious healthcare concern that can contribute to performance and safety issues in the workplace. As professionals, nurses have an ethical responsibility to protect patients and to assist colleagues whose performance is not meeting practice standards and may be harmful to patient safety. Co-workers are often the first to notice when a colleague is having some personal difficulty in the practice setting. Preparing nurses with the tools necessary to identify performance concerns and intervene effectively will enhance their ability to protect patient safety and assist their colleagues.

The Speak Up for Safety trainings were developed with the assistance of a State Innovation Grant from the Oregon Health Authority, Addictions and Mental Health Division (AMH). The education programs focus on building staff nurse skill and confidence to intervene when there is a concern about a colleague’s behavior and/or performance not meeting practice standards which may be harmful to patient safety.

ONF currently offers this training via three delivery options:

  • Flipped-Classroom: The flipped classroom design includes two components: (1) an online asynchronous (self-directed and self-paced) scenario-based eLearning module and (2) a one-hour classroom session where nurses can ask questions about the content then break into small groups and apply/practice the new skills while receiving immediate feedback and coaching from trained facilitators.
  • Online: The online design is an entirely self-directed and self-paced scenario-based eLearning module which incorporates three video scenarios showcasing two non-recommended approaches and one recommended approach for appropriate intervention of concerning behavior in the workplace.
  • In-Person Training: The in-person training is a two-hour interactive lecture and practice session. Like the flipped-classroom, this delivery option provides the opportunity for nurses to practice their new skills in small groups while receiving immediate feedback and coaching from a trained facilitator.

Speak Up for Safety – Worksite Monitor Course

Summary: The Worksite Monitor Course is an online training designed for nurses who accept the role of formally monitoring a nurse enrolled in either the Oregon State Board of Nursing’s Probation program or Oregon’s alternative to discipline program, the Health Professionals’ Services Program. Nurses interested in this course must first complete the staff version of the Speak Up for Safety training.