Nurse Assistance Network (NAN)

Nurse Assistance NetworkTo experience the relief and sanity of a recovery lifestyle is a wonderful thing and it’s available to everyone. The Nurse Assistance Network (NAN) is a group of licensed professionals who volunteer their time to make it easier for a nurse to build that life by offering information and access to resources that supports recovery. NAN does not provide legal advice, cash assistance or employment information.

NAN is a program supported by the Oregon Nurses Foundation with a formal committee that meets regularly to expand recovery support resources for nurses. Ginny Pecora, RN is the committee chair and Harold Fleshman, RN leads the resource development task group.

IMG_Nurse003A key focus for NAN is developing resources for nurses returning to the practice setting after seeking help for their substance use and/or mental disorder. The committee, with the help and input of several stakeholders, has developed a matrix of roles and responsibilities that will guide the committee’s resource development activities going forward. Please click here for the matrix. Please note that this is a working document and NAN welcomes feedback.

To learn more about NAN and to find resources for recovery, visit the Professional Recovery Network of Oregon’s website at

If you are in need of recovery support please contact the NAN Response Line 888-516-2796 to reach a trained recovery support volunteer ready to help you. You can also contact us by email here.

Nurse Peer Advocate Training & Resources

NAN is looking to recruit and train interested nurses to be Nurse Peer Advocates (NPA). The NPA is a volunteer role that may include responding to inquiry calls, explaining options for qualified evaluation, intervention and treatment, and providing other support for early recovery. The NPA role may also include facilitating nurse peer support meetings, building awareness of NAN services, and providing education to others in the profession.