Aging Workforce Research

Truxillo, D. M., Cadiz D. M, & Hammer, L. (2015). Supporting the Aging Workforce: A Research Review and Recommendations for Workplace Intervention Research. Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior, 2, 351-381.

Summary: We review the literature related to aging at work and propose several ways that interventions could be developed to support aging workers.

Truxillo, D.M., Cadiz, D. M., & Rineer, J. (2014). The aging workforce: Implications for human resource management. Oxford Handbooks Online. Ed. Business & Management. (Abstract)

Summary: This article investigates the implications of an aging workforce on human resource management practices and considers how organizations can keep their employees satisfied, productive, and health through the lifespan.

Truxillo, D.M., Cadiz, D. M., Rineer, J.R., Zaniboni, S., & Fraccaroli, F. (2012). A lifespan perspective on job design: Fitting the job and the worker to promote job satisfaction, engagement, and performance. Organizational Psychology Review, 2, 340-360. (Abstract)

Summary: This article examines the interaction between age and job characteristics from a lifespan development perspective.

Truxillo, D.M., Cadiz, D.M., & Rineer, J.R. (2012). Considering job design for the aging workforce. J. Houdmont, S. Leka, & R.R. Sinclair (Eds.). Contemporary Occupational Health Psychology: Global Perspectives on Research and Practice Volume 2 (pp. 109-125). Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell.

Summary: This chapter examines job design from an age perspective with a focus on understanding how to enhance workers’ job attitudes, well-being, and health.