Staffing Research

Brown, C., & Cadiz, D.M. Insufficient Staffing Resources Affect on Patient Care Tasks and Self-Care Activities. To be presented at ANA Quality Conference, February 2015, Orlando, Florida.

Summary: We report on analysis of about 2800 inadequate staffing forms submitted by staff nurses from 2010 to 2013. We found inadequate staffing negatively impacts patients, the ability to practice safe care, and the ability to perform self-care. This unique examination focuses on the impact of inadequate staffing on nurse’s practice and the ability for self-care—a voice that is often silent in staffing research.

Cadiz, D., Drown, D., Van Dyck, S., Davidson, S. (2013, May). Adverse staffing events affect on nurse wellbeing and nursing practice. In L. Hammer (Co-Chair) and S. Van Dyck (Co-Chair), Stress and well being among healthcare sector employees. Symposium conducted at the 11th International Conference on Occupational Stress and Health, Los Angeles , CA.

Summary: We observed that different adverse staffing event characteristics were positively related to missed self-care and negative unintended consequences. We also examined how certain characteristics of the shifts (i.e., length of shift, time of day, day of the week) may enhance the negative effects of inadequate staffing.