Nursing Practice Research

Sinclair, R. R., Sliter, M., Mohr, C. D., Sears, L. E., Deese, M. N., Wright, R., R., Cadiz, D., & Jacobs, L. (Under Review). Bad versus good, what matters more on the treatment floor? Relations of positive and negative events with burnout and engagement.

Summary: This study examined the impact of positive and negative work events and their impact on nurse engagement and burnout.

Sears, L., Cadiz, D., Wright, R., Sinclair, R., & Mohr, C. (2010, April). Incivility versus support: What matters most? In D. Kabat (Co-Chair) and L. Cortina (Co-Chair), Workplace incivility and support: Broadening our perspective on targets. Symposium conducted at the annual meeting for the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, Atlanta, GA.

Summary: This presentation described the results of an investigation of the effects of incivility and support from different sources in the work environment on nurse work engagement and burnout.

Sinclair, R. R., Mohr, C. P., Davidson, S., Sears, L. E., Deese, M. N., Wright, R. R., Waitsman, M., Jacobs, L., Cadiz, D. (2009). The Oregon Nurse Retention Project (ONRP): Final Report to the Northwest Health Foundation.

Summary: This report provides a summary of the results of the Oregon Nurse Retention Project (ONRP), a multi-method and comprehensive research project focused on focused on identifying key factors of nurse turnover and providing greater understanding of how nurses’ working conditions may affect retention.

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